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New to CrossFit?

cfnbsfinalsmallThinking of giving CrossFit a try? Regardless of your current athletic ability, CrossFit can be for you!

Come try us for free and let us take you from couch to CrossFit, help you supplement your current athletic activities, increase your current fitness level, or create a new obsession! Our training program ranges from strength, mobility, intense exercises and everything in between. For those willing to put in the time and effort, results are guaranteed!

At CrossFit NBS, we use functional movement, coupled with isometric exercises to produce the greatest results. Functional exercises are based on movements you were born to do and found in your daily life, such as squatting, lifting, running, and throwing. The preferred training tools at CrossFit NBS are barbells, kettlebells, rings, pull up bars, medicine balls, plyo-boxes, chains, resistance bands….. and your own body weight! You’ll train to run, jump, throw, lift, carry, and climb. At CrossFit NBS you’ll train to optimize performance in both life and sport.

We take an individual approach with our members. Our goal is to ensure you are getting the attention necessary to not only reach your goals but to exceed them!

We are happy to schedule a free consultation with you! During your consultation you’ll get a chance to tell us more about you and where you want to go with your fitness. You’ll also learn more about our program and what we have to offer.  If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then Contact Us to schedule your consultation today!

Ready to dive in? Join us for a free class, we would love to have you!!

Are you an avid CrossFitter who would like to drop in while in town? Check our drop-in prices here!