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For the month of December, we will do a 300  Turkish Get up Challenge! The TGU is a great move that really does add a lot of benefit to our overall strength and movement. If you are diligent everyday of the month you will be doing approximately 10/TGU’s per day total(5 on each side).  As for the weight requirement, we are not stating one….but I will say this, as long as you can move through the Get Up without the weight controlling your movements, then use a more challenging weight. If you’re losing control and don’t have any stability whatsoever, then back the weight down.  The purpose of this isn’t to use a light weight so you can rush through the Get Ups as fast as you can. Be challenged, take your time and really focus on form and technique.

A. Turkish Get ups 5/side

B. From the CrossFit 2014 Regionals
Event 4:
Strict Handstand Push Ups
Front Squats (195/125)
20 minute time cap

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