(901) 244-6529 24x7x365 556 Trinity Creek Cove, Cordova, TN 38018


Please remember class changes for the week!
M, T, W, all classes are as scheduled.
Thursday, We will have a 5 and 6 a.m., no 9 or noon.
4:30, 5:30, 6:30 classes as normal.
Friday, no 5 a.m., 6 a.m. 9 a.m. or noon.
5:30 p.m. will be the only class on the schedule.
Saturday, class as normal at 8:30 a.m.
Sunday, no Open Gym.
Sorry for any inconveniences!



Five sets of:

Bent-Over Barbell Row x 6-8 reps

Single-Leg Glute Bridges x 12-15 reps each leg

Wall Climbs x 2-4 reps

Rest 30 seconds if needed


5 rounds for time of:

Row 250 meters

10 Dumbbell Thrusters



Every 3 minutes, for 24 minutes (8 sets) of:

3-Position Snatch

(high hang, mid-thigh, then floor)

Build in load over the course of the 8 sets, emphasizing good speed and mechanics.


8 minute AMRAP of:

8 Deadlifts (225/155 lbs)

8 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)

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