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Friday, May 12

Friday 5a.m., noon
Saturday we will cancel class due to the Beale Street event. Please plan to attend and support our Strongmen/women!

3 sets, 10 min AMRAP each with a 4 minute rest between sets. Choose a DB weight you can perform each task without having to rest before completing all 8 reps.
Set 1:
Single Arm DB PP x 8
Bulgarian Split Squats x 8/leg (same DBs, arms by sides)
TTB x 8
Rest 4 minutes
Set 2:
Bent over rows x 8 (double arm)
DB Box Step Ups x 8
20 DU
Rest 4 minutes
Set 3
Pull Ups x 8
DB Squats x 8
GHD Sit ups x 8

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