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99% of my blogs will be about CrossFit, or correlate to CF in some way…today however, I will bring you the other 1% and talk about legacy.

The word legacy is commonly used to describe what one may will upon their death, what they bequest, typically in the form of property…More on this in a moment.

As you will recall, we recently lost our friend, Byrd. While we didn’t spend a lot of time with Byrd and his family; over the years we spent enough time with him to know what a special person he was to all of those around him. Byrd enjoyed life and loved his family immensely. I never saw him when he wasn’t smiling and laughing.  He had a way about him that when you met him, you were immediately drawn to his kindness, smiling eyes and his bigger than life personality.  He will surely be missed.  Why he had to leave this world at such a young age, I’ll never understand.

Now, back to legacy…  A synonym to the word legacy is “gift”. Byrd was a gift. A gift that this world was given, albeit a short time.  Byrd left a legacy of love. A love that his wife will cherish forever, a warmth that his children will experience for the remainder of their lifetime, and a kindness his friends will cling to when we all think on our time with him.

I got to enjoy some time with Byrd’s wife (and my friend since childhood) Neida, last night.  She is an amazing woman and I can’t tell you how much respect and love I have for her.  She has such a bigger than life personality herself and it’s no wonder how she and Byrd had such a great life together.  There’s no doubt about how much she misses Byrd. For someone who had such a presence in her life, his absence is immense.  But when I asked Neida how she was feeling, she described her feelings in one word. “Grateful.”  Grateful for the time she had with him, grateful for the love he had for her and grateful for the life they had together. “I’m just grateful.” Grateful for the gift she had in Byrd.

What an incredible testament to his life…what a wonderful legacy, what a wonderful gift.

In Loving Memory
Lee “Byrd”

“Byrd” was born August 25, 1967, and passed away February 15, 2012, at the age of 44. Byrd was a  master Electrician for Levy Corporation.

Byrd leaves in his absence a loving wife of 18 years, Neida Byrd, of their home in Cordova, TN; two children that he adored, a daughter Katie and one son Logan, both of Cordova; one brother, John, “Jeb” Byrd and his father John Dale Byrd of Palestine, AR.

Byrd was a veteran and served in Desert Storm as a medic.  He married the love of his life after returning from the service.  Byrd, along with his wife, moved to the Memphis area in 1994 to embark on their life together.  Byrd was an avid sportsman and enjoyed hunting, golfing and riding motorcycles.  Byrd’s most important task was always being a great father to his children and they were his biggest joy.

Byrd was the past Cub Master for Troop 368, he was also a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason and a member of Alchemyia Shrine.  Byrd always had a smile for his friends and a helping hand for anyone who needed it.  Byrd was loved and will be missed by all that ever crossed his path, especially his loving wife and children.

Backsquat 5 x 3
Squat Clean
5×1 @85%
5×1 @85%

Teams of 2
Team member A = Max push ups in 2 minutes
Team member B = Max sit ups in 2 minutes
Team member A = 10 Goblet Squats while team member B performs 10 Burpees
3 rounds
Team member A performs 5 Deadlifts
Team member B performs 10 KB Swings
6 rounds

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