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Wednesday, April 19

Squat – APRE*
Using 70% of your 1RM, complete the following sets/reps:
Set 1: 12@50%,
Set 2:10@75%,
Set 3: reps to failure @100%,
Set 4: adjusted reps to failure (see chart in gym)

The focus today is the squat work, however, if time permits, complete:
3 strict pull ups
5 strict knees to elbow
5 strict toes to bar
Rest 1-2 min between sets
3 rounds

“The APRE protocol is the epitome of progressive overload and the Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands (SAID) principle.

The progressive overload principle is the foundation of all strength training programs. It simply calls for the progressive lifter to lift progressively heavier and heavier loads over time. With the APRE protocol, a chart tells you how much to lift for subsequent sets as well as subsequent workouts.

Another principle that is heavily drawn upon by the APRE protocol as well as all strength training is the SAID principle. With the SAID principle, whatever demand you impose upon the body, the body will specifically adapt to it.

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