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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Today we’re going to do things a bit different. We will spend appx. 30-35 minutes working on a gymnastic skill  YOU would like to improve on. NOT just something you are good at.

A foundation of strong shoulder development and strength as well as strong superman hollow position is a prerequisite to each of the movements below. If you feel this is where you need to spend your time working, this is for you:

Dumbbell seated press  x 10 (palms forward)
Superman/Hollow from the floor 10 seconds each direction for 5 sets
Push Ups  x 10
20 minute AMRAP
We are going for quality over speed. With each movement, try to make it better than the one before. Be purposeful.

For gymnastic movements, you may choose from the options below:
-Kipping pull ups
-Handstand push ups/Kipping Handstand push ups
-Bar muscle up (A prerequisite to this is chest to bar pull ups and bar dips.)
-Ring (muscle up) transition work or ring muscle up work (A prerequisite to this is chest to bar pull ups and ring dips.)
-Butterfly pull ups (A prerequisite to this is a consistent 10 kipping pull ups unbroken.)
-Pistol work (Candlestick rolls to pistols.)

Wall Ball x 15 Seconds
Rest 45 Seconds
Lateral Hurdles x 15 Seconds
Rest 45 Seconds
7 rounds

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