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Yes, there are 2 EMOMs and yes, you’re going to have to do math. You should be used to it by now. Do your own math work!

A. Lift – we are going to spend the rest of the week de-loading the lifts. Working off of your last 5 completed sets, complete the following:
Front Squat
5@ 50% – 5@60% -5@70%

B. EMOM 10 minutes Turkish Get ups
2 TGU (1 each side)
Be purposeful about the movements. Use every step. Use a weight that is difficult but not so heavy that you can’t lock it out.
Review video. This is a pretty good video, just make sure you don’t skip the elbow, and always keep the shoulder locked out.
Turkish Get ups

C. EMOM 10 minutes
Pull Ups x 6
KB Swings x 10

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