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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Happy Saturday, y’all!!

Today we will do a workout that our very first CrossFit VIP Member created. You don’t know what a VIP member is?? Well, we like to celebrate those who are committed to their fitness and their health, so, if you attend 15 classes within a month, we know you are committed to excellence! Attend 20 classes in a month and you’re a VIP AND you get to choose the workout!

If it rains, we have a back up plan but for now, plan to come and get your play day on!!

Warm up: Tag

We will divide into two teams:
1: Wall Ball Relay

For a set amount of time:
You will perform a full squat with ball and then shoot it into the tire, then, run to retrieve the ball. Once the ball is returned to the next person in line, they will go. Continue until time runs out. The first shooter keeps track of the team’s rounds. Team with the least number of rounds will do 10 burpees each.
RULES: Nothin but “net” = player retrieves the ball, no penalty is granted. If ball hits tire but goes into tire = 1 tire jump and retrieve ball. Completely misses = 5 tire jumps and retrieve the ball. 

2. Sled Drag Team Relay.

For a set amount of time:
We will load two sleds and each team will run the sled 100′ and back to next person in line. First team member to go on each team keeps up with rounds. Team with the least number of rounds will do 10 burpees each.

3. Team Prowler Relay.

Each team will take turns pushing the prowler 100′ and back. You will have 3 minutes to complete as many reps as possible with the prowler. Team with the least amount of reps completes 10 burpees.

4. Tug of War – you know how this is done.

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