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Tuesday, June 20

3 Position Clean + Jerk

These will all be full squat depth. Your first rep will start from hang position (slightly below the hips). Second rep will be at the knees. Third rep will be from the floor. Once you have completed your third rep, follow it with a jerk. Split jerk or Push jerk is acceptable.

Increase weight with each successful set. Work towards today’s heavy 2 rep set.

Rest time between sets should be 2-3 min.

Our objective today (by starting at the top) working our way down serves as more of a technique exercise that reinforces proper position in the pull at each position chosen. When starting at the top, all you have is the amount of force your body can create. Do NOT drive further down your legs and then end up in a “pull” with your arms. Work on extension and meeting the bar at the extension with your hips. Make a connection happen at all 3 positions.

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